Gotta start somewhere…. Right?

So here goes!  I started this blog as a test site to help myself learn and understand this whole blog thing, as I have big aspirations for a travel blog eventually, and I’m kind of a luddite.  And not long after, a good friend and beading partner, Rochelle Brisson, coerced me (it took very little arm twisting, I assure you) into participating in a Bead Soup Blog Party (BSBP) which requires I have a blog.  I’m sure it was her way of prodding me into focusing and being productive, a trait for which I admire and appreciate her.

It was Rochelle who taught me the necessary skills to use the collection of beads I had amassed to create jewelry using metal findings, instead of with hemp as I had been doing.

This opened up a new world of design possibilities, which I have only just begun to explore.  One of my early designs, using Mother of Pearl, Brown Spotted-Lip Shell, freshwater pearls, moonstone and brandy citrine.

shellpearlset                                 chalcedony&lepidolite

Another example of my earlier work is this double strand piece.  The inner strand is smoky quartz chips spaced with light slate blue Czech glass.  The outer strand is lepidolite, graduated by color, set with three nuggets of blue chalcedony wrapped with decorative spirals in sterling silver and bracketed by chips of smoky quartz.

Some of my more recent designs, many of which incorporate elements garnered from Rochelle, are a little bolder and chunkier.  I’m still not entirely comfortable with asymmetrical designs, but I am starting to explore and experiment.




I guess that’s all for now.  Until next time!


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