Creative free-spirit, artist in many mediums – charcoal, jewelry, food, music, photography… Visual art has been a long time passion, both drawing and photography, and music nearly as long.  Cooking and food as art has been a long, slow evolution, nurtured by the numerous opportunities I’ve had to work alongside great chefs with diverse methods and skill sets.  Simple (often hemp) jewelry has been a longtime interest, though it wasn’t until recently when a first neighbor, then, friend, Rochelle, introduced me to a whole new style of jewery making.  I had many of the necessary materials already (namely, a large amount of beads) so tools and findings were all I needed before I was making beautiful jewelry myself.  Rochelle has always been very helpful and supportive, and I enjoy collaborating with her on projects.

I hope to use this site to showcase my various art projects, in their various and mixed mediums.  In all things, I try to promote and support the ideals of community, sustainability, environmental and social justice and informed consumption.  To this end, much of the subject matter may have this focus, and, as often as possible, the materials I use in various projects are locally and/or ethically sourced.  In my home cooking and catering projects both, I strive to use fresh, local ingredients and promote seasonal diets that support local families and economies as well as a healthful, well-rounded diet.  In jewelry making, I work to use only natural or recycled materials, and endeavor to be sure they are produced in a socially just manner.  I appreciate all feedback and hope that something I share inspires or touches you.  Thanks for reading!

picture donutshell set

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