It’s that time! BSBP #9

So many ideas, so little time! As is often the case in my life, I happen to be going through a transition – this time geographical in nature – and not having a designated space set up to work has definitely inhibited my ability to produce.  It did nothing, however, to inhibit my creativity.  So as I get my new work space organized (and learn more about how to wire wrap) I will continue to create the other pieces this amazing collection of stones has inspired!

I’d first like to thank our host, Lori, whose tenacity through adversity has humbled and inspired us all.  You can find her at Pretty Things to learn more about her story and the BSBP. I’d also like to thank my partner, Shawn Marie, for the fun assortment of stones she sent. I can only hope she had as much fun playing with the beads she received from me.

The most exciting beads in the stash I received were a pair of large stone donuts, one red and one black, which I immediately set aside for wire wrapping. As I am still a novice with few materials with which to work and limited time and space to create, I decided to wait on working with these pieces until I have the opportunity to collaborate with Rochelle and give them the attention they deserve.

Aside from the donuts and the few coordinating beads I set aside, there were several other beads in the stash that caught my eye.  Among the numerous chips I found a few pieces of what appeared to be natural peridot. Adding a few more of my own and some other pieces from both the soup and my own library I had the making of a fun pair of earrings with a lot of movement.

The other stones that caught my eye were a set of 5 neat triangles in the most delicious shade of blue.  Their slight opalescence was accentuated nicely by some moonstone and tigers eye in the pile. A variety of black stones I believe are obsidian really made the mix pop and I set about working on a design.

Since I started making jewelry, I’ve always enjoyed making matched sets of pieces. With so much material to work with, I decided to divide up the blue stones into three coordinating pieces. Two for earrings, two for a necklace and the last for a bracelet.  The bracelet came first, a simple design incorporating a set of neat bead caps I’ve been holding onto. The super thin silver is meant to be bent around the bead, and the way they clasped the blue triangle added a sophisticated touch.

The next piece on the board was the necklace. While rooting through my beads to find more moonstone and other things that might coordinate, I came across a strand of fiber optic glass chips in the exact shade of seafoam as the blue triangles, and I was excited to incorporate them into this piece. Still, I struggled with this one for a while, pushing the stones into different patterns and photo conferencing with Rochelle before finally deciding on a three strand design incorporating some Czech crystals and glass seed beads from my collection.  I finished the piece with some copper chain and a beautiful copper charm gleaned from Rochelle with an iridescence and colors that pulled the piece together.

The final challenge was to complete the earrings. I had an idea in mind for the triangles, a variation on a theme of another design I’ve used.  But I’ve also had these unique copper elements I’ve been saving for a while that I really wanted to use with these colors.  So, two pairs it was!

Even though I intended for the five triangle stones to make the set, I really like the way the second pair looks.

Well, that all for now folks, I hope you enjoyed this post, and thanks for reading!


5 responses to “It’s that time! BSBP #9

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  2. What a lovely lot of jewelry you created here! I appreciated the chance to see your thought process in figuring out just the right solution for the multi-strand necklace – and that little charm you included was a beautiful touch.

  3. wowsers – you really did a great job, esp. considering your geographical move. Love everything you did – I’m an earring nut, so esp. love the big tulip (?) flower pair. So delicate.

    • thank you so much joyce! I’m not sure which flower they’re intended to be, but I liked the colors together. if you like what you see, most of my pieces are for sale, all prices negotiable. barter is good. thanks for looking!

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