So much to write, so little time!

Life is, as always, an adventure.  Finding the time to chronicle it, however, is not always so easy.  I was hoping to make at least a post a week, ambitiously dreaming for two, but have found little time to sit in front of the computer.  So, Ill do my best to catch y’all up the the happenings since the ‘Synapse’….

…the week following, we did some more exploring and plotting, researching hikes and places, connecting with new friends and trying to squeeze in some time playing music.  A most enjoyable local hang out, Muddy Waters, has become a regular part of the routine.  The cross section of community here is phenomenal, some of the kindest people we’ve ever met.  And, judge me if you will, one of the few places people can still freely enjoy some nicotine with their caffeine.  In a culture where “health” is canonized while kidney- and liver-damaging alcohol, drugs and pharmaceuticals are simultaneously glorified, it seems a bit ridiculous how contentious it’s become to smoke in public spaces.  But I digress….

While sitting at our customary table in the corner a couple Sundays passed, at the end of our second week, I couldn’t help but make friends with the most adorable pit mix sitting nearby, Diesel, and consequently, also his parent, Tim.  We talked story for a while, and after hearing about our work trade adventures, offered us the opportunity to stay with he and his wife for a few days in exchange for some yard work he wanted done.  It seemed a fair deal, and a good way to minimize the budget, so we accepted the gracious offer.  What a treat!  Tim and Shelly were the most amazing and kind hosts.  And the house!  It was like having a suite at the Hilton.  The work we did was fun, and as always, a welcome addition to our portfolio!

We ended up staying for the whole week, during which we relinquished the rental vehicle to save funds, and managed to get around pretty well with public transport.  The Bus is fairly reliable and reasonably priced, it’s only drawback being that service to different areas ends at different times.  We managed to get into town a couple nights, and Wednesday we got to see Mike Love!!  He is hands down one of my favorite artist/performers.  20170215_223043.jpg

After our week with Tim and Shelly we spent a couple more days camping before coordinating with a friend who lives on the island.  We’ve been here now for a few days, and have only a few more before it’s time to head home Monday night.  And so many hikes left undone!!  Hopefully they’ll still be here for next time!

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