It’s that time again!!


So, I’ve been wanting to get back to blogging on a regular basis for a while, but life has been happening at such a crazy pace I couldn’t seem to find the time to dedicate to it.  I made a resolution to get back to it while on winter layoff, and had been slowly working on organizing photos and materials for posts I was planning, when Lori announced the return of the BSBP!!  It was the final piece of the motivation puzzle I needed.

Rewind, 2013 – I had been talking about starting a travel/music blog for a while with Rochelle, my best friend and partner in jewelry making, but hadn’t made any real effort towards getting started until she introduced me to the BSBP.  The BSBP, short for Bead Soup Blog Party, is a fun, creative game hosted by Lori Anderson, a long time jewelry artist and blogger.  She typically hosts one party a year, for which there is a limited amount of time to sign up.  After sign-ups, she pairs participants together and the fun begins!!  Participants are encouraged to explore the blog/website/creations of their partners and put together a package of materials to be exchanged.  Each party has a specific theme and relatively strict timeline.  Materials have to be exchange by a certain date, and participants are given a limited amount of time to get jiggy with it before displaying their creations on the reveal date.

Unfortunately, due to health issues, Lori had to give up hosting this amazing event for a few years.  She has been struggling with chronic Lyme, a story you can read more about here.  During this time, I was dealing with some personal issues of my own, and blogging fell by the wayside.  However, with the return of the BSBP, I am determined to make a regular effort to keep up with writing, and sharing pictures, stories and recipes with those of you who (for whatever crazy reason) have decided to follow my posts.

Fast-forward, 2017 – So far, it’s been a wild, amazing year.  Relaxing in the sun in Hawai’i, enjoying the weather, rolling with all the unexpected turns life has taken in the past few months, we are grateful for all of the wonderful opportunities given to us.  With only a couple weeks left on O’ahu, we are looking forward to a few more amazing hikes, and some more great live music.  I’ll do my best to keep pics coming!!

Please! Share your thoughts!

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