plot synapse…

…sitting at Muddy Waters, a locals cafe in Kailua, HI, enjoying the eclectic mix of music and the gorgeous weather, organizing pics and videos of the previous weeks adventures, researching and plotting for what’s next, sharing some fresh, hot malasadas from Agnes Bakeshop and delicious coffee with my favoritest person evers, Adam, I’m thoroughly diggin the decor at my office du jour.



We’re on extented holiday in Hawai’i for a few months, taking a break from cold-ass New England winters and getting a breath of fresh air from the day-to-day.  2 months at a work exchange on Maui started this adventure, and we’ve returned to O’ahu for the last four weeks to do some camping, hiking and swiming before returning to RI for the start of landscaping season.

Only a week in, and already we’ve had quite a few adventures.  A little quick research before arrival yielded a decent rental car at a reasonable price from Lucky Owl Rentals, which we’ve been using to explore the island and camp around in.  After a brief orientation we were ready to go!  First, we swam.  Alot.  At nearly every beach along the north shore.  Then, after years of turning down offers to learn from his friends back home, Adam finally decided he wants to try surfing. So we managed to pick up a couple decent boards and spend some time on the north shore at Waimea Bay and, Adam’s favorite, Hale’iwa Ali’i, a nice break with lots of groms and beginners on smaller days.


Next, we connected with a friend of mine here on the island and got introduced to an awesome group of people who invited us along on an amazing hike into Ko’loa Gulch and a night of camping on the beach at Malaekahana.  The weather has been epic since we arrived, and the contitions on the hike were ideal – very dry for such a narrow, deep ravine.  The terrain was easily managed and we made good time, arriving at the falls in only 3 hours.

Last night, we wrapped up our amazing first week on the island at the Republik, dancing to the classic roots reggae of Steel Pulse, one of our favorite groups.  The venue was well set-up, 3 separate bars made it relatively quick and easy to get service and the acoustics were decent for a club.  One of the bars was set in a lounge area opposite the stage where a small but reasonably priced menu was available.  The show was amazing, and we were lucky to see a special guest performance by Jake Shimabukuro, a local ukulele artist and composer, and hear a cover of one of Adams favorite Dead tunes, Franklins Tower.  We managed to get up front near the end and give our love and thanks to the bassist, who came down off the stage to greet fans.  After the show, we had a most serendipitous meeting with one of Adam’s friends from his time in Americorps, Alex, and her friend, Tatiana, who are visiting the island as well.  They had been up front for longer, and had been gifted the setlist for the show from the guitarist!!  They decided to join us for late night pupus and we headed off to find something to delicious (and preferrably asian) to satisfy our appetites.  We ended up finding this amazing little korean place, Chogajib, in a part of town I probably wouldn’t walk alone in at that time of night.  Nestled in a small lot behind a strip club, the place offered up some of the best bulgogi I’ve ever had as well as several private dining rooms in the back.

More updates (and backstory) to come soon.  For now, a fond adieu!

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