Where to begin….. Again…

Where to begin….

….would be most appropriately with an apology to my Bead Soup partner for the last soup in 2014, Elizabeth Hodges.  She did a wonderful job selecting an amazing array of materials for me to work with, and I regret not being able to finish in time for the blog post.  I was very excited to receive the amazing set of beads and findings she sent me, and really enjoyed the challenge of working outside of my usual medium/color range of sterling silver.  Working with copper/bronze tones and finding a way to incorporate the beautiful ribbon that was part of the soup enabled me to explore different dimensions of design, a process which was both satisfying and inspiring.  However, I was unable to finish assembling my designs in time for the reveal date and was kept from my project until recently.  I only hope she can forgive me for the delay and enjoys what I’ve created with her inspiration.  So, I guess I should just jump back in where I left off, with a Bead Soup write-up!!

I can’t tell you how excited I was to participate in my second Bead Soup project.  So much was going on in my personal life, and it was a nice point of stability and familiarity in an otherwise tumultuous time.  As usual, my regular partner in crime, Rochelle Brisson, conspired with me to make a package for my partner, Elizabeth.


After looking at Liz’s Etsy page, I was eager to see what she had chosen for me, and how she would use the ingredients I sent her.  After a brief delay in exchanging contact information, due to my lack of regular access to technology, finally the package arrived!!

Though I prefer to work in silver and tend to use cool colors, I was stunned by the beautiful range of warm colors, complimented especially well by the gorgeous ribbon and the unique copper clasp.  And the focal!!  An exquisite piece of art, I was intimidated by the size of it.  I rarely incorporate such large elements into my designs.  Immediately, I set to work pulling beads out of my own stash to compliment the soup ingredients and locating some copper/bronze chains and findings.  As the soup bubbled on the back burner, ideas began to form and within hours I was pushing beads around on the design board.

I spent the next few days mulling over the designs – adding, moving, subtracting – and that’s when disaster struck and I ended up taking on a project that turned out to be far, FAR more difficult and involved than I anticipated when deciding to undertake it.  But more about that later.

At the completion of my summer project, and accompanying creative hiatus, I set to the bead soup with a fervor, reworking several of the designs.  I was so inspired, I managed to assemble three of the pieces in one afternoon, and finished a fourth the following day.

I had an amazing time playing with the elements Liz sent me to work with, and you should be sure to check out her own amazing work at The Whispering Seas. Otherwise, life since Durham has been an adventure, as always. Hoping to fill in some of the backstory in the up coming months, but we’ll see.  For now, excited to have signed up for the latest bead soup (Bead Hoarders Edition!!) Many new posts to come!!

Love and Light

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