It’s FINALLY Spring!!! (and I <3 Macro!)

YAY!!!  After yet another long winter of being laid off and miserable, broke and cold in New England, the friggin weather has FINALLY started to break…  which means FLOWERS!!!  As I prepare to head out into the yard to transplant the beautiful variety of flowers my awesome Aunt Sherry allowed me to cull from her extensive gardens yesterday, I thought I would share some recent pics of all the beautiful early spring flowers I have been discovering on my daily walks.  I have to say, I’m quite unused to the new digital camera my love got me for Christmas, being a total luddite, and I’m sure I’m not using it to it’s full potential.  But, I LOVE MACRO!!!  Unfortunately, I’ve never had a lens for my 35mm that could get in quite this close.  It’s very handy for taking close ups of the jewelry I make, and for amazing flower pictures!!  Plus, it has a wide angle lens for when we’re hiking and a ton of optical zoom for capturing birds in trees and even in flight!  So far I’ve filmed an osprey and a red-tailed hawk.  I’m hoping to spot a falcon soon, they’re my favorite!  I’ll post those pics next time!










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