It’s almost PARTY time!!!!!

OMG!!!  So many posts I have written in my head, if I could only find the time to sit at the computer! But I can’t let this one by, it’s the REVEAL of my very first Bead Soup!  I had an amazingly great time working with the materials my partner, Katie Nielsen-Nunez, sent – the colors are so fresh and summery!!  I can’t wait to see what she’s done with the beads I sent her!!  Ironically, we both sent each other chips, which she got a giggle at too. Here’s a reminder of what I sent her, and the lovely selection I received :



I haven’t done too many pieces with chips, but I do have a few.  Though I do like the way they look, working with them is very time consuming – but the results are SO worth it!!  Along with the chips, I have made a few pieces incorporating seed beads.  I’m not sure why I like the multi-strand thing, but I have made quite a few pieces in this style recently (including most of the pieces I made for the soup!)  Here are some recent projects using chips and seeds :


This piece features a strand of smoky quartz chips accented with grey-blue czech crystals and a strand of graded pink lepidolite with 3 tumbled nuggets of chalcedony hung between accents of smoky quartz chips with hand-spun sterling silver wraps. The piece is finished to a final length of 20″ with a light sterling chain of flat ovals and a plated lobster clasp.


This fun multi-strand piece was inspired by a collection of beads Rochelle had put together for the colors, but was unsure of a design.  I “borrowed” the beads, added in a few of my own and – VOILA!  The amazing pendant is picture jasper, set in sterling silver.  The strands are a mix of picture jasper, red “jade”, riverstone, bronze fresh-water pearls, chrysanthemum stone and multi-metallic seed beads.  The copper clasp was handmade by Rochelle.


This piece offsets an unadulterated strand of  peridot chips (not the ones from my soup!) with a strand of agate coins and Czech crystals.  Finished to a length of 18″ with sterling-plated filigree chain and clasp.


Another multi-strand piece (I DID say I had been into these lately, didn’t I?) this necklace showcases what is probably my favourite stone, russian amazonite.  Two strands of chips are interspersed with symmetrical designs of moonstone and Czech crystals, and in the longer strand, large russian amazonite coins.  Finished to a length of 22″ with a light sterling chain of round oval and a plated lobster clasp.


This is a poor representation, but the only one available to me a the moment.  This is another set inspired by a collection of beads Rochelle had put together.  One strand features natural, undyed turquoise teardrops alternated with black Czech crystals and silver glass seed beads.  The other strand alternates real, undyed red coral chips with snowflake obsidian and the black Czech crystals.  Each strand features a unique, vintage bead, recovered from antique jewelry – one is wood, the other, metal.  The bracelet uses all the same stones, and the focal is a large obsidian nugget.

Due to my lack of proper planning, and the horrible weather we had all day, I do not have good pics of all the pieces I made.  I really want to do the beautiful selection Katie sent me justice, and the horribly diffuse, grey light I had here today was no good.  So I intend to get up bright and early to photo all the creations for you all to enjoy!!   If you are interested in anything you see, feel free to message me on Facebook.  Thanks for tuning in!!

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