Food for thought….

I’ve been having so much fun making stuff out of the bead soup materials I received I haven’t taken the time to sit down and write a post!  Since I can’t show you what I’ve been creating lately until after the reveal date for the Bead Soup Blog Party, I’ll post some pictures of the tasty creations I’ve been making in the kitchen.  Last Saturday, I went on a 10 hour cooking spree, making everything from salsa to quiche to profiterole.  Eventually I’ll get around to posting some recipes.   Until then, just drool over the pics and get creative. miniquiche

These mini-quiche are a great starter – and healthy!  Made with local eggs from free range hens, their high in healthy omega-3 efa’s, and a hash brown shell from local heirloom blue-skin potatoes means they’re gluten-free as well.  A few bits of nitrate-free bacon from the local meat packer, some good feta and a medley of peppers, mushrooms and green onions complete this amazing breakfast treat that’s great, warm or cold, and easy to eat on the go.  The healthy, filling proteins keep me satisfied for hours, and the carbs are great for a little morning energy boost.  I’ve never been a big breakfast eater, and I especially do not prefer sweet, sugary foods first thing in the morning.  I have found these and my Southwest Fritatta to be good breakfast alternatives for me – they’re easy, filling, and healthy.  I don’t have to force myself to eat breakfast, and I’ve found that when I can remember  to do it, it does help me eat better (read : less) for the rest of the day.


This Southwest Fritatta is a recent creation of mine, in an attempt to incorporate more sweet potato into our everyday diet.  Along with the potato I added black beans, corn, diced pepper and onion, black olives and scallions and finished it off with some extra-sharp cheddar.  Here I made myself a dish with my salsa, some greek yogurt (the BEST sour cream substitute EVER), fresh cilantro and scallions.  YUM!!!

Unfortunately, none of the profiterole lasted long enough for the photo-op, but I’ll be sure to get a few shots off before completely devouring the next batch ;)